In Addition to Andreas Keller regular menu, Andreas Keller offers daily  fresh specials

Andreas Keller offers a Gluten free and Vegetarian menu, as well as daily fresh Vegetarian and Gluten Free specials 




Giant or Regular

 Homemade Alpine Cheese Sauce

Pickled Herring with optional sour cream

Giant Dill Pickle


Famous Cream of Weinkraut or Daily Soup   

Cup or Bowl

Sausage Sampler

Choose three

Weisswurst, Wieners, Knackwurst, Rindswurst, 

Bratwurst, Polish, Chicken Garlic, Debreziner    

Additional sausages available


Lighter fare


 Homemade dumpling shaped egg noodles topped

 with Emmentaler Swiss and green onions

Vegetarian Platter

German fried potatoes topped 

with two sunny-side-up eggs*   

Schnitzel Salad Platter

Large platter of leaf green lettuce 

and shredded cabbage and carrot, topped 

with breaded pork or chicken Schnitzel and our

homemade sour cream herb vinaigrette
(May substitute grilled chicken)

Für Unsere Kleinen Gäste   

Kids and Seniors *no substitutions

French Fries and a German Wiener

Pretzel and a German Wiener

Small Käsespätzle (no onions)

“Muckl”  3 ounce pork Schnitzel with French Fries


Choice of one sausage served with Weinkraut & cold German potato salad

Traditional Sausage


White veal and pork, finely ground


Lightly smoked pork and beef, finely ground


Finely ground pork and beef


Fully flavored all- beef, finely ground

Bavarian Bratwurst 

Mild grilled pork, medium ground


Coarsely ground pork, smoked, with a touch of pepper

Non-traditional sausage


Spicy pork, lightly smoked, medium ground

Chicken Garlic 

Medium ground chicken, full flavor garlic


Hearty serving of finely-ground veal and pork grilled Bavarian sausage loaf, served

with fried potatoes and topped with a sunny side-up egg*


Main Dishes




Rye bread or dinner roll upon request | Side house salad available

Schweinshaxe (ask for availability)

 A giant “Munich Style” rotisserie-broiled pork hock, served with fried potatoes, Weinkraut, and red cabbage

Bavarian Beef Goulash 

 Cubes of tender beef in a hearty brown sauce, served with homemade spätzle noodles

Andreas Keller Sampler 

Large platter complete with one smoked “Kassler” pork chop, 

Polish sausage, and German Wiener, with fried potatoes, Weinkraut, and red cabbage

Kassler Kottlets 

 A thick hand-cut smoked pork chop, served with Weinkraut

Chicken Oktoberfest (ask for availability)

One-half rotisserie broiled chicken, perfectly seasoned, 

with cold German potato salad and red cabbage

Breaded Schnitzels 

Schnitzel Cordon Bleu  *Our most popular! Breaded pork cutlet

stuffed with smoked pork, Swiss cheese and a hint of our homemade mustard.

Topped with our delicious homemade cream sauce and served with Spätzle noodles

Classic Pork Wiener Schnitzel

Tenderized pork cutlet, dipped in our homemade batter and breading,

then crisply fried. Served simply with lemon wedge, and cold German potato salad

Grilled Schnitzels 

Can be made with chicken

Jägerschnitzel “Swiss Style”

 Pounded pork cutlet, topped with mild Swiss cheese and homemade

mushroom sauce. Served with Spätzle noodles and red cabbage. Can be breaded for extra

Sahne Schnitzel 

 pork cutlet topped with delicious homemade cream sauce, served with Spätzle



Spätzle| Can add cheese |  Alpine Cheese Sauce

Mushroom Sauce | Sahne Sauce |  Weinkraut |  Red Cabbage

German Potato Salad |  Fried Potatoes | House Salad | Chef’s Fresh Vegetables

French Fries |  Fried Egg* |  Sausage | Leberkäse

Smoked Pork Chop


Weinkraut  mild sauerkraut cured in white wine instead of vinegar.

Potato Salad Traditional Bavarian Potato Salad made with vinegar, not mayonnaise. 

Spätzle  Egg noodles that resemble small dumplings, made in house.

Fried Potatoes  Diced potatoes tossed in our house seasoning, grilled with onions.



Lunch-served until 4:30 pm

Bratwurst Reuben 

Grilled Bratwurst served open-faced on light rye, topped with Swiss and Weinkraut. Served with cold German potato salad or French fries.

Kassler Melt

 Thinly sliced smoked pork, topped with Swiss and Weinkraut, served on a Kaiser roll with cold German potato salad or French fries.

Schnitzel Sandwich 

Choice of breaded chicken breast or pork cutlet in a Kaiser roll served with cold German potato salad or French fries.

Sausage in a Kaiser Roll

 Choice of one sausage on a large Kaiser roll, topped with Weinkraut.

Small Sausage Plate

 Choice of one sausage, served with either French fries, cold German potato salad OR Weinkraut. 

Options go from mild to flavorful: 

Weisswurst, Wieners, Knackwurst, Rindswurst, Chicken Garlic, Polish, or Debreziner. |  Add an extra sausage for more

Chicken “Oktoberfest” (ask for availability)

 Authentically seasoned half rotisserie chicken, served with French Fries.