„Im Bier ist Kraft“




Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Fountain Soft Drinks: - Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Root Beer, Soda Water with Lemon
Traditional German Drinks: - Spezi (Coke & Fanta mix),
                                       *Served without ice*           - Apfelschorle (apple juice & sparkling water mix)

Hot & Cold: Hot Chocolate, Hot Apple Cider, Hot Tea, Coffee, Apple Juice, Milk, Brewed Iced Tea

Etwas Besonderes

Specialty Drinks (21 & Over)

Glühwein Hot spiced red wine, served with a cinnamon stick

Hunter's Coffee Omara's Irish Cream and fresh brewed coffee topped with whipped cream

Passion Fruit Wine Spritzer 4oz. of Pasek Passion Fruit Wine served with 4oz. of sparkling
water, topped with lemon

Vom Fass


14 oz | 20 oz | 72 oz Pitcher

From light to dark

Helles - light lager
Radler - a traditional blend of Helles & Sprite
Pils - dry light
Oktoberfest - amber
Hefeweizen - yeast wheat
Dunkelweizen - dark yeast wheat
Dunkles - smooth dark
Doppelbock - strong dark
Hard Cider - quality gluten free feature
IPA - rotating keg - (Ask for details)
Seasonal - ask us what's new!


Bottled Beer from Light to Dark

Warsteiner Pils - (Warstein, Germany)
Paulaner Hefeweizen - (Munich, Germany)
Schneider Weisse Hefeweizen - (Kelheim, Germany)
Erdinger Dunkelweizen - (Munich, Germany)
Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel - (Aying, Germany)
Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock - (Aying, Germany)
Specialty Bottled Drinks
Framboise Lambic - 12oz (Vlezenbeek, Belgium)
Gluten-Free Lager - 12oz (USA)
Clausthaler Non-Alcoholic - 12oz (Frankfurt, Germany)




Red Wine

House Merlot (Ask server) [by the glass or bottle] |       House Cabernet (Ask server) [by the glass or bottle]

Featured bottle-only Wine
Cooper Hill Pinot Noir (OR) | Two Vines Shiraz (WA)
Disruption Cabernet (WA) | Stemilt Caring Passion (WA)

White Wine

Schmitt Söhne Liebfraumilch (DE) [by the glass or bottle]

San Juan Vinyards Siegerrebe (WA) [by the glass or bottle]

Waterbrook Chardonnay (WA) [by the glass or bottle]
Kris Pinot Grigio (IT) [by the glass or bottle]
San Juan Vinyards Riesling (WA) [by the glass or bottle]

Vendange White Zinfandel (By the glass only) $7.99

Ask about our wine specials!